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The October 8″, 2005 killer earthquake caused heavy damages to human lives and properties in Northern Pakistan and many parts of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Thousands died, thousands got injured and millions became homeless in few seconds.

Thousands of children became orphans while thousands of women became widows. Hundreds have become disabled by loosing their legs, arms and other organs. Those survived, are leading a miserable life. They have lost mental capacity and have become psychological ill. Most of the villages in the affected areas are vanished. The basic infrastructure facilities like dwellings, school buildings, hospitals, roads, water supply structures etc are totally destroyed. Almost all the live stocks have reported died.

Majority of the people from the affected area used to be small farmers, most of them living below poverty line, having small scale agriculture, live stock raring and off-farm employment as their livelihood for subsistence living.

The earthquake added to their miseries many folds and has snatched these facilities from those who survived. A very dangerous trend is in the offing. Majority of the survivors, especially orphans and widow etc are becoming street beggars and are now migrating to the plains, wondering in the streets and begging for their daily food and shelter needs.

The world has responded positively towards overcoming this disaster and many countries, organizations, individuals and agencies have left no stone un-turned in this regard. Many have provided relief and many other are now entering the rehabilitation process. We have seen a gesture of great humanitarian response here in Pakistan. We do not have words to thank the world community for this.

On the Appeal of few doctors with Pakistani origin, the great people of Ireland donated generously to help the earthquake affectees. To organize the activities and to make the whole process transparent, a trust was formed by the name of South Asia Earth Quake Appeal Lucan Ireland. This charitable organization distributed medicines, operational instruments and other commodities through an educationalist in Pakistan.

After fulfilling the needs of Operation Theatres of field hospitals in Muzafarabad AJK (Azad Jummu Kashmir), Presently we have collected the data of all affectees with amputations and other disabilities in Hazara Division, Northern Area and AJK. Being at the similar distance to many of earthquake hit areas Abbottabad should be as the centre place to establish a Rehabilitation Centre for physically disables. a Rehabilitation Centre was established in Abbottabad – Pakistan. The mobile unit was a part of the centre to cater the needs of survivors of Balakot, Muzafarabad, Bagh and Rawalakot.


PIRC Earthquake Documentary

 PIRC Rehabilitation Centre Documentary

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