9th April 2008 at 12:30 p.m.

PIRC held a function to discuss the problems of people with physical disability; for special pavements to easily reach out the required destiny and special attention in a modern society.

District Nazim of Abbottabad Mr. Sardar Haider Zaman was invited as the chief guest of the function. The other reputable and honorable guests were Prof. Dr. Sahibzada Sohail (Head of Orthopedic Department, Ayub Medical Complex Abbottabad), Mr. Ahmed Hussain Mujahid (Trustee PIRC), Maj Amaan Ullah Khan (Friend of PIRC), Mr Master Maqbool and P.R.O of District Nazim Abbottabad.

Maj Retd Amaan Ullah Khan started the function by reciting the verses of Holy Quran. He welcomed Mr. Sardar Haider Zaman and all the guests. He mentioned the work that has been carried out by PIRC during and after the disaster and the completion of PIRC newly Construction Facility.

Mr. Abdul Wahid Mir told the participants that PIRC is taking a responsibility to cater the People with physical disability and they need special attention in modern society. He said that the people with physical disability need special pavements, ramps inside buidlings so they can easily reach out the desired places. He also mentioned that it is very important that the government should take exclusive steps in considering the needs of the disabled. They should make easy paths and pavements to help and make their mobility and make them accessible to their needs. He said that the District Nazim has worked intesively during the earthquake and for the people of Abbottabad and he requested the Nazims of the Union Council should participate and work for the disabled. He urged that the Nazims of Union Councils should be given the task to send the PIRC message across their territory to locate the disabled, identify their problems and send them to Pak-Irish Rehabilitation Centre, where they will be treated absolutely free of cost and with maximum care.

Mr. Babar Khalil (Project Director, PIRC) gave his detailed presentation over the progress and performance of PIRC for the last two years. He told the guests that PIRC is taking keen interest in providing the orthotics and prosthetics services to the earthquake victims and also to the other deserving people of the area with any discrimination of color, creed or religion. He urged the District Nazim to take steps for the disabled of the area.

Prof. Dr. Sahibzada Sohail H.O.D Orthopedic Department Ayub medical Complex stated that PIRC is performing exclusively for the people with physical disability. He vowed that he would continue his efforts in giving full support to PIRC. He told the guests that the Orthopedic department of Ayub Medical complex always preferred and appreciated the efforts of PIRC. The quality of services provided by the staff of PIRC is commendable and he hoped that PIRC would grow in future to a great hieght.

In the last District Nazim of Abbottabad Mr. Sardar Haider Zaman apprieciated that PIRC has attained a new height and he extend his wishes to work for disabled. He said that he will request his Nazim to work for the people with physical disability. He accepted that it is a common belief that the disabled of any society need special attention and pavements inside governmental buildings.

In the end Mr. Abdul Wahid Mir thank all the guests for realising the points and facts that has been raised during the meeting. He expressed that every one has to work mutually for the benefits of the people with physically disability.

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