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REPORT MAY 2008Pak-Irish Rehabilitation Centre has proved its importance in the field of Orthotics & Prosthetics not only in the Hazara Division and Azad Jammu and Kashmir but also in other major cities of Pakistan. The primary function of PIRC is to rehabilitate the earthquake disabled of the earthquake-hit areas. After providing the artificial limbs and supports these areas, PIRC’s administration has decided to extend its services to other parts of the country.

During the month of May PIRC team has conducted two OPDs in Abbas Institute of Medical Sciences. The management of AIMS hospital has requested the PIRC as well the Ayub Medical Complex Abbottabad to provide an Orthopedic Surgeon for their hospital. PIRC has requested the Principal of Ayub Medical Complex for the provision of Orthopedic surgeon on every Tuesdays for the OPD at AIMS hospital Muzafarabad. The Management of AMC Abbottabad still thinking on this issue, however, PIRC has requested Prof. Dr. Sahibzada Sohail to hold the OPDs at Muzafarabad and he has started his OPDs at AIMS Muzafarabad. On 13th and 24th of May 2008, PIRC team along-with Prof. Dr. Sahibzada Sohail and Major Amman Ullah Khan visited the AIMS hospital, where they have examined number of patients. Dr. Sahibzada Sohail will work voluntarily for the people of Muzafarabad, he will go on every Tuesdays to Muzafarabad for the Orthopedic OPD.

The brilliant performance of PIRC in rehabilitating the disabled of area is appreciated by not only the local people but also the government departments like Directorate General of Special Education, Islamabad. They have requested PIRC to cater the needs of their disabled students studying at Al-Farabi ROCD and Al-Ghazali Institutes. Both institutes are providing the special education to these disabled.

PIRC administration has accepted the request of the principal of Ms Tasneem Akram principal of Al-Farabi. Mr. Abdul Wahid Mir Executive Director of PIRC has taken keen interest for these special children and sent his special team under Mr. Babar Khalil guidance. PIRC is operating in the areas of Muzafarabad, Balakot, Ghari Habib ullah, Mansehra etc and providing the services of Orthotics & Prosthetics to the people of the area absoltelt free of cost. PIRC has taken the responsibility to rehabilitate and provide its services to the Al-Farabi Special Education. PIRC has started the OPDs in January and till nor over

15 OPDs has been carried out. PIRC has provided over 200 Orthotic & Prosthetic support to the disabled children of Al-Farabi and Al-Ghazali.

On 29th of May 2008, PIRC has conducted its OPD at Al-Farabi under the supervision of Dr. Babar Khalil (Project Director PIRC). They have examined over 40 disabled children and fitted 28 Artificial supports and took 11 new casts. These supports will help them in improving their life style and will be able to participate and in becoming a potential member of the society. They will not have to eye on anyone for the support and these appliances enable them to walk independently.

PIRC is catering over 200 special children (Physically Disabled) of Al-Farabi and Al-Ghazali institute of special education Islamabad. These children will need life-time support and PIRC will try to make it possible to support and provide them these facilities life long and on absolutely free of cost. The disabled children have to face numerous problems like to walk independently, using and going to washroom/ schools.

The PIRC team comprised of Dr. Babar Khalil (Project Director), Mr. Altamush Zeeshan (Technical Manager), Mr. Faisal Chenzeb (O&P Technician), Mr. Muhammad Sajid and Mr. Muhammad Liaqat. PIRC has its own unique and well-equipped Mobile Unit, which is very helpful in the provision of these appliances at the doorstep.


PIRC has recently launched its Newsletter by name of PERKUP. It has all the necessary detailed information about the functioning and performance of PIRC during the last two years. Mr. Babar Khalil provided the Perkup during the meetings with the principal NISE, Principal Al-Farabi, Physiotherapy Department, Director Admin Special Education.

Mr. Babar Khalil visited Al-Shifa Hospital Islamabad and met with the doctors in the Rehab Department. He introduced and showed the facilities and the appliances of the PIRC. They have showed their willingness in having coordination between the two organizations. Mr. Babar Khalil also visited the PIMS hospital where he met with Prof. Dr. Mazhar Badshah (Neuro-physician) and the doctors of Orthopedic Department.

Madam Tasneem donated the 60-bedded tent to Madam Meena Asad of DROPS. Madam Meena Asad has given this donation to PIRC. PIRC also received a donation of 328 and 37 Plaster of Paris Bandages of 6 inches and 4 inches respectively. Principal NISE Madam Naeema requested to visit the newly constructed facility of PIRC Abbottabad.PIRC has taken the responsibility to provide these facilities to the disabled of the area and make them a useful person of the society.

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