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My recent trip to Pakistan for the official opening of the Pak-Irish Rehabilitation Centre was a very humble experience. I was delighted to meet all the staff of the centre and its patients; the reception was very moving. The innovative work, commitment was fantastic and genuine warmth of the people was an experience of a lifetime.To see the very efficient use of the funds raised in Ireland in creating this centre is certainly very inspiring and exemplary for others to follow. Like most things in life, there is joy and sadness, sadness at the events of the October 2005 earthquake and joy at the very real progress made at the centre in helping to rebuilt people’s lives.

I wish them every success for the future.


I accompanied other members of South Asia Earthquake Appeal Lucan to the opening of PIRC in Abbottabad recently. The group of young people through their dedication and time brought the reality of Rehabilitation centre in an area, which was devastated by the Earthquake. Manufacturing of Prosthesis and Orthosis opens up a whole new avenue for that region. This work is a role model for other voluntary young people to follow. The work of PIRC is legendary and a real moving experience to witness. I extend my deepest appreciation and pay them tribute for this marvelous achievement.

My best wishes and hopes for everybody involved with this work


I congratulate  the members of (PIRC) for their brave efforts to work against all kinds of disabilities. The services provided by the young and the motivated professionals deserve the praise.I recognize their efforts and hope that having the vision stated as guiding stars, they will keep providing with the state of art artificial limbs and very sympathetic services.

I wish them best of luck.


I am happy to state these words that Pak Irish Rehabilitation Centre (PIRC) is a dynamic centre of excellence, committed to provide quality rehabilitation services to the persons with physical disabilities. The disabled are part of our society and each one of us including Government and Non government agencies should work for their welfare and rehabilitation. The contribution of each enlightened soul, however small can change the lives of the disabled.

I extend my warm greetings and felicitations to all those associated with PIRC and wish their endeavours all success.

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